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Track Record

The SourceSink brings together a group of academic, applied research and industrial organisations with excellent and complementary expertise in a broad range of data acquisition, experimental methods, reconstruction of the past, observation of the present and numerical/physical modelling.

There is strong European collaboration of in-house expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for the coupled orogen-to-basin and deep lithosphere-to-surface studies. The network Project Investigators and Associated Partners have proven published experience in the selected natural laboratory, in their research fields and in PhDs/Postdocs training both through national and international programs (e.g, ISES GIP Pannonian-Carpathians, NSG, ENTEC, EUROBASINS).

Through these links, the SourceSink consortium has acquired strong experience in the area and in providing advanced training to young researchers at high international level. The subsequent perspective towards the applied industry is provided by the interest already expressed by the members of the End Users Board which will provide an industry perspective on project deliverables.


(to be updated) Expertise of the members participating in the CRP SourceSink

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