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Each project is designed to bring together specific expertise from two or more network nodes. Collaboration is focused on the following:


(to be updated) SourceSink collaboration and networking

- An internal mobility programme for PhDs and Postdocs (exchange of human resources – secondment). Researchers will be based in one host institution, but will spend significant time with one or more network partners. The profile for these secondments is designed to benefit from the background and projects of the host institutions, in order to provide a training balance between theoretical/experimental work, field studies and integration, experience of different research environments and formal training in scientific and generic research skills.

- Coordinated field activities and Information exchanges. Fieldwork activity will benefit from the multidisciplinary research approach of at least two network partners. Interpretation of data acquired and sharing the expertise on the area/methodologies will further enhance problem statements and projects deliverables.

- Shared facilities. Facilities, laboratories and expertise (e.g., isotope geochronology, numerical or physical modelling labs) will be readily available for all network partners in developing objective with maximum research output.

- Meetings, dedicated workshops and summer course. Scientific and network management meetings will be organised each year in the upper, middle and lower Danube-Black Sea basin. The CRP will organize five training workshops during its annual meetings dedicated to the five tasks of the research program (source, past sink analogues, carrier, active sinks, integration). The goal of these workshops is to exchange information between research tasks and methodologies in order to upgrade IP deliverables. In the second project year, a Summer School on Integrated Source-Sink Systems will be organised in the Danube Delta by GeoEcoMar;

- Joint tasks, deliverables and common publications. The IPs are designed in such a way to have at least one of the tasks complemented by another partner. The results obtained during the research period will be commonly disseminated in publications and at scientific meetings. Topical sessions at major international research meetings (EGU, AGU) and at least two special volumes in international peer-reviewed journals will be dedicated to the CRP SourceSink.

- Shared advanced training courses. One network training node for each component of the system (source, carrier, (passive) sink and integration) is defined for providing advanced training courses. The expertise of PIs will furthermore contribute to create a SourceSink Training School.

- Approaching natural hazards from an integrated perspective. The extensive array of methodologies allows a multidisciplinary approach of natural hazards, leading ultimately to integrated hazard assessment maps (IP11). For instance, flooding hazards will be approached both from the source (IP03) and sink (IP02, AP02), active tectonics (IP09), vertical movements (IP10) and evolution of the river network (IP08). Earthquakes will be analysed using deep lithospheric (IP09, AP06) and shallow surface methodologies (IP02, AP05), short-term strain distribution (IP10) and long term system evolution (IP09, AP06). Well known Black Sea submarine landslides and catastrophic flooding events will be analysed both as geometries and distribution (IP05, IP07) and in terms of mechanisms and regional evolution (IP06, IP13).

Further details concerning the objectives of the collaboration programme expressed through exchanges of human resources, coordinated field activities, information exchanges and shared facilities can be obtained from the project of each partner institution.

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