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Program deliverables and milestones include:

  • quantifying landscape components of the dispersal system which are subject to perturbations or forcing functions on a wide range of time scales, analyzing landforms in relation to specific topoclimatic and morphometric properties controlled by neotectonics;
  • quantifying mechanisms of orogenic uplift/exhumation, the pathways of sedimentary fluxes and their impact on the evolution of geomorphic landforms;
  • novel understanding of enclosed basins connectivity and its evolution through time as a new mechanism for topography evolution besides climate, sea-level variation and tectonics;
  • understanding mechanisms of stress and strain transfer at different temporal scales and their effects on areas prone to natural hazards from the active plate boundaries throughout orogenic systems towards cratonic margins;
  • linking lithospheric-scale structures with topography-building processes, evolution of uplifting/subsiding areas and their connection with plate-margin or intraplate mechanisms, and the balance between morphological and tectonic forcing;
  • high-resolution reconstruction of precipitation and modelling the continental runoff connected with reconstruction of recent sedimentary budget;
  • understanding the processes relevant to sediment dynamics offered by the inter-twining of sediment flux, morphodynamics and architecture on basin margins;
  • understanding rapid changes in deltaic environments and along-shelf sediment transport that influence sediment point sources into continuous sediments supply to replenish coastlines.
  • analysing the interplay between sedimentation and water exchange between basins, the connection between the deltaic abyssal plains and sedimentation, stability and gateways, and the link between massive submarine landslides and shoreline human impact.
  • development of existing and new physical and numerical 3D fully coupled rheological models to link climatic and tectonic processes with erosion and surface transport of sediments.
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