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2010/11/03 - The common SourceSink poster for the Oslo meeting and the preliminary version of the mid-term report to be delivered at the Oslo meeting can be downloaded in the Intranet section of the website.

2010/10/27 - EGU Vienna 03 – 08 April 2011 SourceSink Topical Session and SourceSink Workshop April 10-12, 2011, Smolenice, Slovakia.

  • The SourceSink network has initiated a special topical session at EGU 2011 dedicated to SourceSink systems: TS4.2/GD2.7/GM7.7/HS12.15/SSP3.2, From Source to Sink: Quantification of mass transfer from mountain ranges to active sedimentary basins. Details are available at available at: Abstract Submission will start on 01 November 2010 and will end on 10 January 2011.
  • SourceSink Workshop April 10-12, 2011. The workshop is excellently organized by our Slovak colleagues in the beautiful location of the Smolenice Castle Congress Centre at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Make sure you participate at the meeting, where we forecast the continuation and implementation of important common SourceSink research ventures and publications. See:
    or contact our colleague Zora Machova ( for further details.

2010/10/26 - TOPO-EUROPE Oslo meeting and ESF EUROCORES TOPO-EUROPE mid term report. Source Sink partners input required:.

  • SourceSink poster at the TOPO-EUROPE Oslo meeting - SourceSink will prepare a CRP poster for the Oslo meeting. Partners input is required until 26 October 2010. Please send 1-2 figures with attached explanation by e-mail to Paul Andriessen.
  • ESF mid-term report - Please send the filled ESF mid-term evaulation forms by Friday October 29 2010 to Paul Andriessen. ESF forms and instructions can be downloaded here.

2010/05/17 - Minutes of the TOPO-EUROPE Steering Committee and SourceSink meeting at EGU Vienna, 5 May 2010 can be downloaded in the intranet section of this webpage

2010/03/11 - Subcription is open for ESF TopoEurope PhD Course and Workshop on "Detecting Landscape Change", August 31 to September 8, 2010 in Loen (Nordfjord), Norway. Deadline for applications - 30 April 2010. Details at:

2010/03/03 - SourceSink session organized at AAPG European Annual Conference, 17-19 October 2010, Kiev, Ukraine. Deadline of abstracts submission 31 March 2010. Details at

2009/11/30 - PhD course: Mantle dynamics and surface processes - Numerical modelling of geodynamic processes. Details here.

2009/11/11 - Preparation for the Salzburg SourceSink meeting - ESF mid-term report form and an example can be downloaded from the Intranet section of the website.

2009/10/24 - 2009 SourceSink meeting, Salzburg, Austria, Thursday 26 - Friday 27 November 2009 - Preliminary programme - Please read and send information required.

2009/10/19 - Details on the conference proceedings and decission taken during the 5th TOPO-EUROPE Workshop, 15 - 18 October 2009, Klaus Tschira Foundation gGmbH Studio Villa Bosch, Heidelberg can be found in the Intranet section of this website. Note that two summer schools (workshops) were approved: "Detecting Landscape Changes" and "Modeling Surface Processes on Geological Timescales".

2009/10/17 - Post meeting details on the Danube Delta Summer School can be downloaded here.

2009/06/11 - Travel grants offered by the TOPO-EUROPE programme (,
aimed at European young researchers (post-doctoral scientists and Ph.D. students), to support their
active participation to the 5th TOPO-EUROPE Workshop, 15-17th October 2009, Heidelberg. Details can be downloaded here.

2009/06/09 - The Summer School on Carpathian - Danube Delta - Black Sea sedimentary system (25 September - 1 October 2009) is open for subcription. Further details can be obtained on the Summer School website.

2009/05/24 - University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences, Austria, PhD position available: The role of the memory inherited by the system from the Cretaceous-Tertiary evolution of convergent margins into the build-up of the Source area.

2009/04/025 - Thermochronology summer school approved, Active sedimentary dynamics summer school approved, notes Splinter meeting EGU - see the Intranet section.

2009/03/01 - SourceSink Splinter meeting at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2009 Vienna, Austria - Tuesday, 21 April 2009, 12:00-13:30, room SM2 Blue Level, Basement (40 places), Splinter session SPM61 - From Source to Sink: Integrated natural hazard assessment through the quantificantion of mass transfer from mountain ranges to active sedimentary basins.

2009/02/13 - 5th TOPO-EUROPE Workshop Villa Bosch, Klaus Tschira Foundation Heidelberg, Germany, 15-17 October 2009. For SourceSink participation see the intranet website.

2009/02/13 - Apuseni Mountains fieldwork organized by Bernhard and Liviu decided. See the intranet website.

2009/02/07 - Following discussions during the SourceSink kick-off meeting, we are happy to announce two new Associated Partners of our network, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology and Institute of Geophysics "S.I. Subbotin" of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Further details at Belgrade and Kiev Geophysics.

2009/01/06 - Relevant geomorphology literature and time/space scale for the SourceSink project - Intranet section

2008/11/24 - SourceSink kick-off meeting: group photo on the meeting website; meeting proceedings and related materials are in the intranet section of this website.

2008/11/24 - Reminder: please complete this ESF form and send it to this link - European Science Foundation Science Officer at EUROCORES Coordination (with a copy to Paul Andriessen) no later than 26 November 2008!

2008/11/05 - SourceSink kick-off meeting: Information concerning the programme of the meeting and practical details while in Amsterdam can be obtained at this link.

2008/10/30 - Meeting draft minutes Second Scientific Committee Meeting for TOPOEUROPE, 8 October 2008 Topo-Europe kick-off meeting Euroforum Infantes, El Escorial, Spain - download here

2008/10/30 - Meeting draft minutes First Scientific Committee Meeting for TOPOEUROPE, 25 August 2008 European Science Foundation, Strasbourg, France - download here

2008/10/29 - Important Form to be filled in by each Project Leader, Principal Investigator and Associated Partner - please return to Paul Andriessen by the SourceSink kick-off meeting - download here

2008/10/16 - SourceSink VU University Amsterdam Tectonics, PhD position available: Basins connectivity and gateways controlling sedimentary architecture during final stages of orogenic build-up.

2008/10/09 - SourceSink VU University Amsterdam Isotope Geochemistry, PhD position available: Threshold conditions of tectonic-surface processes controlling production and dispersion of sediments in the Danube source-carrier-sink chain: constraining spatial-temporal variation of erosion rates by applying thermochronometry.

2008/10/08 - Letter recommendation SourceSink for funding by national Funding Agencies - download here

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