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The SourceSink project is designed as a round table of collaboration, in which information can be obtained from every partner institution. However:

  • General SourceSink research information can be obtained from:

    Paul Andriessen, Department of Isotope Geochemistry or Liviu Matenco, Department of Tectonics

    VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Earth Sciences, De Boelelaan 1085, 1081HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • The European Science  Foundation EUROCORES Topo-Europe Science Officer:

    Kai Rankenburg, LESC Unit, 1, quai Lezay-Marnésia, BP 90015, 67080 Strasbourg cedex, France

  • TOPO-EUROPE reference:

    Cloetingh, S.A.P.L., Ziegler, P.A., Bogaard, P.J.F., Andriessen, P.A.M., Artemieva, I.M., Bada, G., van Balen, R.T., Beekman, F., Ben-Avraham, Z., Brun, J.P., Bunge, H.P., Burov, E.B., Carbonell, R., Facenna, C., Friedrich, A., Gallart, J., Green, A.G., Heidbach, O., Jones, A.G., Matenco, L., Mosar, J., Oncken, O., Pascal, C., Peters, G., Sliaupa, S., Soesoo, A., Spakman, W., Stephenson, R.A., Thybo, H., Torsvik, T., de Vicente, G., Wenzel, F., and Wortel, M.J.R., 2007, TOPO-EUROPE: The geoscience of coupled deep Earth-surface processes: Global and Planetary Change, v. 58, p. 1-118.

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